Madrid Film Awards presents...


The Official




Its magnificent presentation has a weight of 2.2kg and is about 30 cm (11.5  inches) high in total approximately.
Personalized engraving on the base. High-quality materials with an artisanal crystal base.

Official MFA Award



*** Includes: ***

+ The Custom Design

+ Creation of the Golden Trophy

(high-quality materials)

+ Personalized engraving on the base

+ Special Packaging

+ International shipping to your home address.

+ Personal notifications of shipment status

Once the order is placed, the designers begin to personalize your plaque for the realization of the complete trophy!

The Official Trophy of The Madrid Film Awards has been a designer for all the projects that achieved excellence

and have managed to be Selected, Nominees or Winners in international competition.

* The price is mostly shipping, and the rest is to boost the careers of the independent trophy designers who collaborate with the festival. *